Constant screen brightness jumps on A13

I did the Android 13 update a few hours ago on my Fairphone 3 and it generally seems to work fine, except the auto screen brightness.

I have screen brightness set to 0 and I’m in a dark room, but the brightness will jump up to somewhere between 30 and 70 percent for about 2 seconds at least once every two minutes.

I’m in a dark room and this even happens when I’m not touching the phone and with the sensors covered.

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Hi crystal,

Android 13! Have they skipped 12 then?

Yes they have


No such problem. As a Beta tester I’ve been using the A13 for some months.

You may try a restart.

Check if you have an SD formatted as internal and check your memory status is above 6BG

You can also run in safe mode for a while to see if it still happens

I wonder if Android is not trying to learn which brightness you “like”.

Do you also have this problem if you deactivate the automatic brightness ?

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Had this problem in the beginning, too. But everytime when the brightness jumps without any reason, I manually set it back.
After two days the adaptive brightness logic learned about it, obviously, and the problem was gone.


I got the same feeling here!

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