Connectivity issues with Bose Quietcomfort35


I am unsuccesful in getting FP1U to work properly with Bose Quietcomfort 35 (a noise-canceling bluetooth headset). I can get the devices paired and the headset works OK as headphones (for listening music etc), but it does not perform well during phone calls (the other party can barely hear anything due to a lot of background noise and constant interrupts). The same Bose QC35 headset performs perfectly well with two different Google Nexus phones as well as with a Windows 10 - based PC while talking on phone, whatsapp, or skype, so it is clearly not a malfunctioning headset. Does anyone have an idea how I can try to fix this issue?


You have to check, if FP1’s supported Bluetooth profiles match the ones that the headset requires. If not, you might have a chance that the next software update will include the missing profiles.

Edit: FP1 supports the QC35:

Can QuietComfort® 35 wireless headphones take calls?

Yes. QuietComfort 35 headphones have a dual-microphone system to allow you to use them during calls when connected to a smartphone that supports the Bluetooth HFP profile.


Edit2: Are you sure that telephone audio is activated in the phone’s Bluetooth settings?

Well, Bose is actually not providing any info on the versions of HFP or A2DP protocols in use, but they are usually backward compatible I guess.
Yes, the audio is activated and the microphone is active as well but the sound quality is just very poor. Are there any patches or similar I am not aware of that might improve this?

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