Connections to all the time

Why is my FP open connections to has address has address has address

at about every minute (port 443). There is no app running. So I guess no app crashed :slight_smile: and there should be no reason to report anything. So it must be a system process, but why?
Can anybody shed some light on this?


P.S.: I think it was a really bad decision not to go for cyanomod or any other open source OS.
(But the FP-Idea/project and your efforts are really great and worth it anyway. But as the OS becomes obsolete in some years the FP hardware will be too. So my fear is your whole idea gets destroyed by that decision. Well, this cannot be changed now I guess. Maybe next time or maybe I am wrong anyway. :slight_smile: )

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Go to Settings > Superuser and check if there are any suspicious apps listed. Are there?

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No, “There are currently no Superuser app policies”

My guess is that some app you’ve installed (maybe something linked to amazon?) uses crashlytics for sending crash analysis reports to the app developers. If so, it can hopefully be disabled from within this app (if you can find it).

No, the application that connects crashlytics (for me it’s is org.fairphone.launcher or “Fairphone OS”.

Don’t forget that FairPhone’s goal isn’t to make the perfect phone but to spread awareness about the (ethical) problems involved in the (smartphone) electronics industry. Not being able to switch to CM isn’t exactly destroying that goal.

Well, the best thing is of course not buying a new smartphone every year.
So my hope was I could use it as long as possible, not until the OS is not supported any more.

It is a fresh cherry 1.6. with now applications running:
(system process at the moment are settings, batterywarning, contacts, keaboard…)

Still connections to
ftp to (
used to connect ftp: to taiwan (mediathek), but not today
ftp to : (korea)

wenn turning the thing on additionally (google) (why)

after a while the fairphone update comes up again of course and polls the FP host.
(Can I turn that off, I install the next update via sd-cart so there is no need to check every minute)

Ok, my cyanomod reports more to google on the other hand. So I don’t no what is worce at the moment :slight_smile:

That’s not really related to the original topic, but the freecyngn script should help you with your Cyanogenmod issues.

I tested the network traffic happening in different senario’s back in August. I tested the behaviour when connected to the internet over WIFI(not with
GPRS enabled) and tested a phone with VOIP calling enabled .

I have seen the following traffic:

I did not notice the the crashlytics traffic at that point but can acknowledge that some of the Fairphone OS components do have crashlytics installed.

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I installed the AFWall and disallowd everything appart from xabber.
And there are still connections to (google).
Is there a reason for that?

Well, I would never install something really important on a phone anyway, so I don’t bother too much and try to use it only if I really have to.