Connection suddenly interrupts (Phone calls, WhatsApp Calls, WiFi...)

Hi there!

Since about one month I have a few issues with my FairPhone 3:

When I make or receive phone calls, the connection suddenly interrupts. The call is still shown as active, but I cannot hear the other person anymore and have to stop the call and call again.
The same goes for calls via WhatsApp / Telegramm.

Also, my WiFi connection is shown as connected, but sometimes I cannot access the Internet / my messages won’t be sent until I switch the WiFi on and off again. This is very inconvenient, because I never know when I’m actually connected and when not.

I think the issues might have come up with the last update but I am not sure. I tried restarting the phone / taking out the battery / SIM card…

I would really appreciate your help!


Same here. My Fairphone 3 calls suddently interrupts. The call is still shown as active but I cannot hear and cannot be heard. This happens only on regular calls. Whatsapp calls work fine. I changed SIM card but nothing changes.
Any hints?

Is it the same on network and wifi.

Bluetooth works on the same frequency as 2.4GHz wifi ~ switch off bluetooth

You may find the phone is trying to find the best signal amongst wifi, 2.4Ghz, 5GHz and the network.

Try switching to aeroplane mode and then enable wifi and see if wifi calls work OK. If your router does 2.4 and 5 (GHz) you can try them independently.

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