Connection difficulties

I’m starting to get tired of my FP2 now, I have to reboot it several times a day, when I need to connect it to either Wifi or mobile data after having used the opposite.

Hmm… could you explain further? I don’t have any issue here. What happens when you switch on Wifi? Why do you have to reboot?

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Hi, thanks, well, it’s just that it gets “stuck”. The usual problem is when I leave home and the phone doesn’t switch to mobile data from having used wifi. Then I have to reboot it to get the 3 or 4g reception. And there’s a funny thing, I don’t know if its standard, but when I go to Settings and then “Data reception” (?.. my interface is in swedish) – then the switch for mobile data immediately switches on, as if it’s sneakingly relaxing…

That sounds annoying for sure. Because no-one replied to your thread from a few weeks ago, and there aren’t other threads, it seems like few people are affected, maybe just you.

You’ll need to do a bit of troubleshooting to find out what’s different about your phone and why it’s not connecting properly to networks. Either it’s a software or a hardware issue, and I would guess software because we know the hardware for mobile data and WiFi does work.

In Software terms, can you describe your phone? Is it running the latest version of standard Fairphone software? Can you give the version number from the About section?

Do you have any apps that turn on and off networking to prolong the battery life? Can you remove those apps and see if the problem goes away?

Support have a troubleshooter that you can work through; I don’t know how good it is, but take a look at it

For me it works out fine this way: Handover from Wifi to mobile data works seamlessly. Are you sure you don’t use any battery optimization? Check “Settings -> Battery -> Battery saver” and “Settings -> Battery -> Battery optimisation” (for background data usage of Android 6 apps), just to be certain about this.

Hi and thanks again for the support!
I have Fairphone OS 17.05.2 (allegedly up-to-date) and Android version 6.0.1.
I do not, to my knowledge, use any battery saving software, but of course I do have a lot of apps of which some may interfer with the connections…
I looked at the troubleshooting page, but I didn’t seem to find the issue there.

Let me describe the problem again. Now, for example, I’m at home and my FP2 is connected to the wifi, and everything works fine. But if I turn off the wifi it doesn’t switch to mobile data and it displays only the “network triangle” without signs and there’s no connection. Obviously this is a problem once I leave home…

The opposite situation, when I enter a wifi-zone, occurs only sometimes, and then I eventually will get it to work by switching the wifi (piece of cake) icon off and on.

Hmm, sorry, don’t know further, then…

I got the new update which was released just the other day and it actually seems to work fine now (no need to reboot)!

Thanks again for taking your time!


I’ve got exactly the same problem. Maybe I should update too but I hesitate because doing the backups will be quite a hassle…

I’m starting to have issues again mobile data connection. It seems to go to stand by mode whenever it’s not actively used, which creates trouble with MMS etc.

Have a look if your background data is disabled and enable it.

Hi, thanks, yes, of course, that’s the first thing one would check, but that’s not it…

In which country do you live and what is the name of your provider?

Problem disappeared!

It’s Comviq in Sweden, I had a lenghty conversation with them yesterday. It seems to be solved now. I don’t know if it’s the settings I changed in the phone (over my head stuff: access point, APN) or the fact that I simply removed the secondary SIM card! The dual sim never seemed to work very well anyway

Thanks, btw, for your time!

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