Connection dies occasionally for both sims

Several times every day, my phone suddenly turns offline - both sims lose connection at the same time. They´re back on track after 10-15 seconds. Screen is active. Anyone who has had the same problem, and knows what to do about it?

This happens to me on very rare occasions. A cause could be an old (defunct) SIM card. How old are your SIM cards?

I think they’re both around 2 years old. I’ve been thinking that it is probably not a sim card issue, since they both die at the same time, always, - but maybe it was a good idea to change them anyway.

I don’t know if it can have anytning to do with the battery - the problem has increased lately, and the battery is also getting noticably older.

One SIM card can cause both SIM cards disconnect because the whole modem crashes when there is a problem with one of the SIM cards.

It’s unlikely that the battery causes the SIM cards to disconnect.

You could try to clean the contacts of your SIM cards. Maybe there is dust or corrosion on them.

Aha. Thanks a lot, I didn’t know that. I’ll try to clean them or get new ones.

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