Connecting to home wifi with Fairphone 2

I cannot link to my home wifi. When I click on the home network and tap in my password the connect option is pale in colour and not available to tap. Only the cancel button is highlighted.

Is there any reason why the connect option is not available. Previously it was saying I had authentication problems but on retrying I cannot even try again by re-entering the password.

Did you try to remove the ap and rediscover it again?

Depending on the WiFi security settings (probably WPA or WPA2) there is a minimum length for the password. Unless you have typed in the minimum number of characters the “Connect” option is greyed out… So I guess there is a typo in the password you have entered and at least one character is missing :slight_smile:

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All sorted now - thanks for the responses. I’m really enjoying the Fairphone - just getting used to it and all the settings/features.


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