Connecting signal account to contacts not possible after Android update 7.1.2 Open Source

I have done the update for my FP 2 to the new fair phone open version 19.02.1 and things are working quite well.

First, I can report, that the torch trick to shut down the FP 2 is not necessary anymore!!. :heart_eyes:

Second, there seem to be a new bug because I can not connect my Signal account to my contact app. It has worked after the update but once I had shut down the FP2 it doesn’t work anymore after the phone tase been switched on again. Hope I have explained it well.

Any idea how to solve it?


Perhaps Signal has no permission to look into your contacts.
Go to Settings (not the setttings in the app Signal, but the app Settings)
Go to Apps
Go to Signal
Go to Permissions
See if the switch by ‘Contacts’ is blue. If not, switch it to the right.
And go back to your homescreen.
Now start the app Signal
Tap on the icon Magnifier and at the word ‘Search’ type the name of a contact.
See if this helps.