Connecting FP4 to Windows 10 PC


I’m wishing to directly connect my FP4 to a Windows 10 PC via USB in order to browse/transfer files. Plugging in to the W10 PC results in me being able to choose to ‘browse files on the FP4’ as selected from a pop-up on the PC when the phone is connected. And I can open a Windows Eplorer window that shows the phone but no files or subdirectories are displayed and there is no indication of how to get them to do so.

I can imagine a driver issue, a configuration or a permissions problem but have no idea which to pursue.

Any help appreciated, thank you.

Have you set the connection type to “file transfer” on the FP4? (Swipe down from the top end of the screen and tap on the bottom notification about the USB connection)

Unlike on Android 6 (I noticed your other topic), you need to do this anew each time you connect the FP4 to a computer (by default it will start with “only charging” first).


Aha, brilliant! Thank you urs_lesse, you solved the problem. :grin:


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