Connecting an FP3 to a BMW Entertainment System via Bluetooth

I’ve been trying to access music on the SD card in my FP3 from the car entertainment system in my BMW 1er. I’ve tried a handful of apps that support Bluetooth and all who were accessible from the car had the same problem. I could control the player, i.e. select some song, start/stop playback, go back and forth in the album. But none seemed to provide the MP3 contents to the car. No such problem with a bluetooth capable headphone.

I installed the A2DP checker and it found the same code in use in the car connection as well as the headphone connection, namely SBC, which is a required part of A2DP.

Is anybody using the FP3 with a BMW entertainment system? Preferable the most recent one. I would like the know the details of your setup.


I’m having some trouble of really understanding what you want. I would think what you want is to be able to play the music on your phone and control what song plays through your car entertainment system? What part of that is not working if you just connect the FP3 over Bluetooth to your car?

I want the music to play throught the car’s entertainment system, just like a radio station. And just like a radio station, being able to select the station is not the complete solution :wink:

To support other people who run into the same problem, I’d like to summarize my findings.

  1. The entertainment system does not support remote control of an MP3 player on a phone.
  2. The volume from the phone is much lower than that from other sources (e.g. radio), which made me miss it initially.
  3. Connecting the phone over USB instead of Bluetooth gave a normal volume, but still no control.
  4. Putting the MP3 files on a USB stick works much better. The entertainment system shows the albums with a picture if available, the artists, and the titles. It also provides a search function.

Hi, I tried to connect some weeks ago my FP3 with my BMW X5 but the audio was horrible. Connection was fine, no issue, but audio started to stop and repeat every 5 sec, I wasn’t able to listen clean more than 10sec. I’m sure that FP3 has no issues, It connects in less than 1sec to my JBL Flip and music-quality is awesome… I think BMW did jokes and blocked other OEMs …

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