Connect waarde / value fairphone 2


I read on the website the SAR of fairphone 2, and also am interested to know the “connect waarde” in english don’t know how to translate, “connect value”? (to see what I mean see stralingswijzer)


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First off: the forum is used as a place for discussion between users - Fairphone staff does occasionally post here as well, but they don’t routinely read everything (and the Moderators are not Fairphone staff). If you need an official response, you’ll need to contact Fairphone support (be warned that support response times are far from what they should be).

I’d never heard of these value until you mentioned them, so I checked on stralingswijzer, who mention:

Het duitse blad Connect heeft een nieuwe meting geïntroduceerd waarin ze ook andere factoren hebben meegerekend. […] Het is helaas niet volledig duidelijk op welke eigenschappen deze exact wordt berekend.

(Quick translation: The German magazine Connect has introduced a new measurement in which other factors are also considered. […] Unfortunately, it isn’t completely clear based on which aspects the value is calculated.)

So the place to check is Connect, and it turns out they have actually tested the FP2 (it’s in their overview here) and put the value at -0.67, whatever it may actually mean.


Thanks Johannes!!!

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