Component on top right of screen

What is the circle at the top right corner of the screen on my FairPhone 2? This evening it started glowing, and I don’t know why.

That’s the front-facing camera - can you describe the way in which it glows (bright or dim, what colour, which part specifically glows)? It really should not be doing that! Maybe best to turn off your phone until we’re sure what’s going on.

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Many thanks.

I turned on the from camera and the image was very blurred.

Phone is now switched off, the battery is removed and it is still a bright spot. (I’m colour blind, so it could be green, it could be orange.)

And - arrghh - there was some water inside the case. I guess the rain earlier this evening.

Are you sure it was glowing before, and not just a light spot? If it was glowing that sounds like it may have an electrical short. You mention water inside the case, so have a look at the #waterwiki.

To sum up: take the phone apart to its bare modules and let everything dry overnight (or longer) in a warm, dry place to make sure all the moisture is gone. Then put it back together and turn it on, and keep an eye on that camera - if it lights up again, take the battery out right away - if there’s still a short after drying, you’ll need a new top module.

Edit: here’s a video guide to disassembling the FP2 - it only shows the top modules being removed, but when a phone is wet it’s best to take out all the modules to let everything dry separately.


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