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I recently saw an article about Artisanian Mining and bad working conditions for the people that do the mining. I have started reading the articles here about materials 101, and appreciate that mining is likely t continue.

My question is, does Fairphone get its minerals and materials from companies that do not exploit people, and where the greatest care is taken to ensure that the impact of mining is not creating much larger environmental issues? Is this even possible to know exactly where the materials come from that makeup complex components such as phones?

I’d like a phone that would enable me to sleep at night, knowing that I’m not making the planet worse, but I like all the features on my device, and want it to do all the cool things that the top branded devices do, is it possible?

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Please check information on the main page, for example:


That’s imho exactly the mission of Fairphone.
So I’d recommend you to read the Fairphone impact report

if you’re interested in more details.

If we use/abuse the people that work then what larger ‘e’ (ethical) issue really matters, ???

You may like to read the latest news from Fairphone, about Cobalt mining.

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