Completely smashed screen on F3

Hello all,

I just wanted to check something here: I bought the Fairphone last winter, no complaints at all, apart from the phone occasionaly restarting itself of its own accord.

Today, I completely smashed the screen of my phone. It fell out of my pocket as I was closing a car door and smashed the screen to pieces. The phone is still working, but I cannot take it with me as little pieces of glass are falling off. To cut a long question short: have any of you had a similar experience and changed the screen for it to work fine? There are so many little pieces of glass that I am concerned I can get it all off.

I bought the Fairphone for the humane/ecological reasons but so far have never had to change anything and don’t know anyone who owns one…

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to our community! :+1:

What you need is a new display module, not just a new glass. The display module is a unit that consists of both the glass and the underlying touch sensitive layer. These are normally inextricably linked and cannot be replaced individually. You can see how the replacement works here:

Have a look at it and you will see that you don’t need to dig out the glass splinters at all because the base on which the glass is fixed will be replaced as well.


Thank you for your reply @urs_lesse, I contacted the support team also a week ago and have not had any reply. I am hoping that the shock didn’t damage the phone inside as well.

Thanks again,