Complete system-backup

In all the topics we have I can’t find any on a complete backup. Plenty of options to backup & restore apps and some personal data, but nothing about a backup that brings your phone back as it was after a factory reset.
IMHO applications like Titanium or Helium should be mentioned: they are easy to use and indeed restore the phone. I guess there will be more options out there.
Apart from that there seems to be an option via a Google account. The obvious disadvantage is that one has no idea if and when a backup has been made.

Especially when updating the phone’s firmware and/or repartitioning the storage, such a complete backup saves you hours of frustrating work.

hi @Rob_van_der_Does

This support article gives you details of how to do part backups and which apps you might want to try to do a full backup (includes helium & titanium). I’m using Go Backup which saves pretty much most of the settings, but not all - so a few tweaks here and there to get back to normal :slight_smile:

OK, let me put it in another way: most (all?) info about backups isn’t clear about the fact that backing up apps and personal data is easy, and done by most methods, but restoring launchers/desktops and personal data within apps (such as user accounts and game-levels) will be lost.

Try this:

But is the backup method to SD Card a full backup solution or not ?

Also, I really don’t understand why you force people to have a SD Card to do that. Just push the backup over USB or bluetooth to the computer. Having to buy a SD Card is bad environment-wise and money-wise.


You can still do it through USB using the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) which comes with the Android SDK.

There is a Tutorial on this on XDA-Developers:

Do you know if there is a way to backup the settings without installing additional software? It annoyed me that all the settings were gone after installing the Cherry Storage Upgrade…

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Well, going by that link it seems quite experimental.

I have similar problems. I want to do a complete backup. But I cannot install any more Apps because (even after deleting several ones) I can neither update nor install a new backup app. Now I bought a 16 GB SD Card to do a backup with MyBackupPro which was still installed on my phone, but when I insert the card into my computer it tells me there is no data on it, so this does not seem to work. A WiFi backup with the same program requires a software update, which I cannot do (because of the problem I am trying to fix). So PLEASE!!! is there a viable option to get a quick and complete and secure backup from my phone so I can FINALLY get rid of this STUPID storage problem which has been falling on my nerves for months.

Thanks everyone :wink: