Compatible USB-C docking station?

do you know if this is a hardware or software limitation?
i got myself a steam deck dock and i thought it would connect my f4 to the peripherals as well, but it only connects to the monitor (interestingly, my old galaxy tablet connects to everything but the monitor)
i wonder if i should and/or could bother either company to support the other

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Sorry, I have no experience with and no technical insight in these docking solutions, maybe someone else can tell you something more.

This usb-c hub from amazon works for me and it is a very affordable option.

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Not the smallest type or cheapest, but more versatile than others with higher price tag and also working for my FP4 with /e/ OS.
Kensington dockingstation SD4800P (yes, to my surprise they can do more than security locks only)

I have this one working fine with an external display (hdmi tested, DP probably would do too), usb mouse & keyboard.
No specific phone settings necessary like in developer options or so.
I assume a more recent model would still remain compatible.
I never spent a thought on this option until reading this thread as I bought it for use with my Lenovo notebook.

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