Compatibility problem

When I try to download apps with google play, some apps say they are not compatible with this phone. I am trying apps like my bank app, swiftkey and others and I can’t install them. Is this really true? Is the FP2 not compatible with so many apps?

There are apps that need a rooted phone. Most bankapps do.
Swiftkey is already on the phone if you switch to the google-keyboard.
Which others did you try?

It’s actually the other way around. Most banking apps need an unrooted phone claiming root is dangerous.

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I am not sure what that means. My bank app (RBC) (not european) is supposed to be compatible with all android, iphones, blackberries etc. So what you’re saying is that the fairphone is rooted and because of this I cannot download the app? Why is all other bank apps available?
Swiftkey is not on the phone, I cannot download it either. (I need multiple language keyboard instead of having to change the language each time I write something).
Then the F-droid app is not working. I can search, but not select any app I would like to download, nor updates.
I run into a non-compatible app once in a while and I don’t understand why. Ithough android was the requirement, not the hardware?

No, FP2 is not rooted by default. It has an unlocked bootloader but I don’t think that’s a problem.

You need to reenable privacy impact, maybe that solves your other problems too.

Re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at:

:gb: Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact
:de: Einstellungen > Ton & Benachrichtigungen > Privacy Impact
:fr: Parametres > Sons et notifications > Privacy Impact
:it: Impostazioni > Audio e notifiche > Privacy Impact
:nl: Instellingen > Geluid en melding > Privacy Impact
:es: Ajustes > Sonido y notificationes > Privacy Impact

If it was already unticked, then tick it and untick again.

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