Comparison Fairphone 3+ vs. Shiftphone 6mq

Yes, actually only the 6mq is interesting.
I’m basically with you, with the faster cars analogy. My concerns are with the features (not) coming with the cpu: e.g my s4 supported 802.11ac when my router back then didn’t… now my current router does and i’m happy with the better bandwidth, especially in urban context with 10 - 20 WiFi-networks in my neighborhood. So, my concerns are about future capabilities.
I believe you all, that i’ll be impressed by the fp3(+) performance in contrast to the s4.

thanks! the protective case was already on my list… :wink:
i heard some rumors about the fp3 complying ip54 standard?!
would you recommend the protective glass as well?

I understand that.
In my opinion, it’s the same as with the initial decision.
Unless you know the difference, you probably won’t miss a feature. or rather a new development.
To me - a really really low profile user (no social media etc.) - most of the new features are irrelevant. Some are great, some are nice to have and others are simple useless for me.

From your user-profile, I would deduct, that you don’t really need high-end. Not even in the future. But if you want to be prepared for everything - because one never knows what comes around - you obviously have to go for the best. My bet would be, that the FP3+ will be good enough for the years to come for your use.

(Whatever you go for: Maybe keep a copy of a spec-list of your other option and take a look at it every other year, to check out, if those specs would really make a difffernce to your use at that time. It - obviously - won’t change a thing, but might be an indicator/example for future choices.)

Thank you! That actually helps a lot, as my wife’s current phone is a S5 in a very similar state.
When you write disappointment about the camera, i understand that there’s a significant (noticeable) quality drop?
I ask, because photos and videos is one of our main uses.

in theory a dual camera extends the capability towards “real” camera (kind of), which… would be nice. :slight_smile:
if only there were already some infos about the quality of the new modules… :thinking:

No the camera thing is not straightforward. Some aspects are better, such as the ability to create time lapse and slow motion videos. With plenty of light I am quite happy with my pictures and in darker settings I have now learned to use software to my advantage, so it’s not that bad. I’m hoping it will be similar to or better than the S5 with the new camera modules.

Linn, I am curious. I also own the S5 (use(d) it with LineageOS and /e/). The camera is by far not equal to the FP3 or even better from my experiences. Even not with different camera apps that uses progressive software than the latest samsung camera app.
Is it possible for you to do some shots of the same scenario for a compare?

No, I no longer own my S5, as I wouldn’t own an FP3 if my S5 still worked properly.

I’m talking specifically about darker settings, in which my Samsung was far superior in getting clear shots. And last weekend I took some nature shots and I’m fairly certain the colours would have come out better simply using the auto setting for my Samsung.

I had a S5 Neo before and I was worried because of the negative reviews of the FP camera. But, I’m happy now. I feel, it often takes longer to focus correctly but the pictures are normally just as good, sometimes better.

So, if someone just wants to take nice pictures for family or to capture memories, I wouldn’t worry about it. The FP is definitely good enough for that.


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