Commerzbank compatibility with /e/ OS?

Does anyone have any experiences with commerzbank app and their photoTan app on an /e/ rom ? My device is fp3+ and would gladly say goodbye to google completely if possible

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While I cannot provide any experience of my own, /e/ provides an app checker in case you haven’t used it already:

Also there is a list of apps that are known to work/not to work in the /e/ community but the Commerzbank app is not listed in either of the two categories:

Banking apps in general seem to be a bit of a problem on degoogled operating systems.
There is a howto in the /e/ forum but I guess it will not be a guarantee that all banking apps will work that way


That guide is actually not applicable to the Fairphone 3. Because you can relock the bootloader on the Fairphone 3, you won’t normally ever need that guide. It is only applicable to all the other /e/OS-supported devices where the bootloader cannot be relocked and banking apps will incorrectly think the device has been rooted.

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Thank you all! My bank decided to need 2FA even for web log in, so if their app does not work - i cannot use ebanking at all. Or switch to them sending me a sms code ( which they charge for each )

As far as I know this is EU law called “Payments Service Directive 2”

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