Cologne: May I have a closer look at a Fairphone 2?

Hello proud owners of a Fairphone 2. Since there seems to be no local community in Cologne as of now, I’m trying a different approach. I’m tempted to order a FairPhone for myself but would like to see one up close first. Is there anybody out there (and by “there” I mean “close to the city of Cologne”) who would let me have a look at or even [gasp] touch their Fairphone 2? Promise I won’t drop it. Of course the benevolent owner will be rewarded with a coffee-related drink of her/his choice at “épi”, “Ludwig im Museum”, “Café Bauturm” or “Starbucks”. Cheers!


@Amber from Düsseldorf is the closest Fairphoner I know of. So if no Colognes reply, he’d be your guy.

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Hey, great to hear from Cologne :slight_smile: I’d be happy to meet you!

This week-end I’ll be in Brüssel for FOSDEM, a european developers conference. Afterwards, I’m free. Most practical for me is the next week-end during carneval, or anytime before in the evening when you come here.


Hey guys,
sorry it took me so long to reply - I’ve been kinda busy. @Amber: Thanks for your kind offer. Since I don’t LIVE in Cologne but only work there sometimes, coming to Düsseldorf would mean either going up A3 in post-Feierabend-traffic (biiiiig fun…not) or driving all the way from my hometown (another 60 km from Cologne). Right now the idea of burning another 3 gallons of diesel just to look at a Fairphone does not seem very economical to me. :relaxed:
But should I ever be closer to Düsseldorf in the near future - maybe I might get back to you?

Sure. Where do you live? In Koblenz? We can meet on the week-end, but if you live that far then probably you won’t want this either.

Hi there!
I am also looking for someone in or close to COlogne , who would let me see oder better try out or presenting the fairphone 2 in reality. I would be very grateful for any help!
And I would also at least invite my fairohone2 presenter to a cup of hot beverage and piece of cake or other food in a café.!
I couldn´t find out how to create a new post in this forum… so I answered now…
Bless you all!
Bye bye!

It’s the best you could do. Thou shalt not create a new topic if a related one already exists. :wink:


Hi @momo for the next 2 weeks I am available in Düsseldorf only where we can meet for a “hands-on” if you want to come here :slight_smile:

Hi stefan and Amber! Thanks a lot for your quick, friendly and helpful responds!
Yeah it would be great to meet you, Amber, and your fairphone 2 in Düsseldorf!
Can a friend of mine , who is also thinking about ordering the fairphine 2 , also join us? Would Next Monday afternoon or evening be fine for you?
Bye the way can we write and later speak in German? It would be great if you could respond on/to my email address pum.choreo[at]gmail.com so that I can send you my phone number to your email and we can make “an appointment” :wink:
Do you know if we would have the right, if we ordered the fairphone 2 in the online shop to give/send it back and get paid back? How long?
Have a nice week so far!
Bye bye!

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Lt. EU Recht kann vom Kauf 2 Wochen lang zurück getreten werden (“cooling off period”). Siehe: http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/index_en.htm


Hi @momo

sure, monday evening is fine. You can also send me a personal mail via this forum: Just klick on my name - my profile opens - then click “Message” on the upper right.

See you!

Oh vielen Dank für Deine schnelle, hilfreiche Antwort!!