Closed Poll: What is your preferred screen size?

I guess that a smaller than 4.3 option should be available… i think is silly thinking that people want just a bigger screen…


I don’t think screen power consumption is linearly related to the surface area of the screen.
Also, there’s significantly different hardware in both phones so you can’t really compare them in terms of power usage.

Of course it’s also related to screen brilliance, number of pixels, display type and other technology factors. A very dim, low-resolution screen uses less power than a typical smartphone screen. An e-ink screen uses almost no power (and I’d be curious to see an android phone with an e-ink display).

But the poll question was about size only.

I closed the poll and the topic. I suggest to reopen the discussion (with a new poll) once people who have experience with the new FP’s bigger screen can join in.

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