Closed Poll: Future Fairphone OS Development

I wouldn’t like to cool people down on that one, but in the past I have bought the first, and to my knowledge single up to now, open-source phone from hardware down to software, drivers included: the OpenMoko (check wikipedia). It never reached a level actually workable, and was only barely useable even for sending phone calls. And it costed twice the FP cost.

After this I carefully followed various attempts, the last of which is the Jolla phone, not at all fair trade but OTOH fully open linux: by longly scanning their forums it became obvious they don’t even have a decent email reader at this time, and just zero applications.
Still, you can buy a Jolla today, or at least you could last year, for the comparison with FP numbers is striking: I remember their first series was 600 only, outperformed by a factor 20 by the single first FP1 batch.
To me they are out just for this reason: 600 vs more than 30000 users today, means they’ll never get any developers investing in apps.

So don’t get me misunderstood: I’m definitely for total independence from Google, but as far as I can see, it’s because FP stick to Android that they succeeded.
Which doesn’t prevent the company to support alternate OSes now they are afloat.

But I for one definitely would vote for continueing a baseline version with a minimal android compatibility, along with, potentially, alternate things.

Alternate things that will have zero applications, remember. I paid for trying.