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In very rare cases I manage to quickly press the on/off-button of my FP2 twice while it is in its pocket. As a result the camera app (Open Camera in my case) is opened and stays open with display on until I notice it. By then it’s pretty hot and the battery is drained quite a bit.
Other phones close the camera app automatically after a timeout. Is there anything like that on Android, in Open Camera or anywhere else in my FP2 running on Lineage 17.1 that I haven’t found yet?


Same thing happens to me sometimes, with the hot phone and all that.

If you go to OpenCamera’s settings, in “On screen GUI”, there’s a “Keep display on” option that you can uncheck. When you do, the screen turns off the usual way, depending on your system settings.

It’s not quite foolproof - I find that if the camera’s turned on in my pocket and I’m in motion, I create so many accidental touches that the interval keeps getting refreshed and the screen stays on. But it’s something, and at least it turns off when you’re not moving around.


Thanks for the hint! I thought I had walked through all the settings already but I think I was looking for something dedicated for my exact wish: In normal operation the camera may stay on longer than what my display has set as timeout. But most probably this option will do the trick for me :slight_smile:


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