Clock showing other time zones


I’m really happy with my Fairphone. I just have one problem which I can’t seem to fix. In my clock all of a sudden all these other placenames in other time zones keep showing up under my own time. (See picture)

I don’t know why this has started and I cannot find out how to turn it of. I also don’t really get why it is showing these times (seems to be on alphabetic order since it’s only A and B cities…)

Hopefully someone can help me with this.



Hi @Colette_Bos,

when you click on that little “place”-symbol on the bottom, the one in the middle, you get a list of cities. You can “check” the cities you want to see the time of aside from your own time. I’d guess you’ll see quite a few checked? Just uncheck those you don’t want to see.

I have no clue how they checked themselves though.

Hi @Colette_Bos (cc: @Kris_S)

I believe these cities are just checked by default. I did also notice it, back when I first used my alarm :slight_smile:

@Kris_S provided the solution, I’ll wait for a reply from @Colette_Bos to decide whether this topic can be closed or not.

Regards, Robin

Thanks both @Kris_S and @Robin.

I’ve unchecked them now, might have been just a case of pocket dailing (or pocket checking cities to be correct)

The topic can be closed, thanks for the help!

Glad this is solved ! This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.