Clock resets after reboot (FP2)


after each reboot my FP2 shows the wrong date and time. The date is set to 1970-01-02 and the time gets shifted +8 hours.

I am using a rooted fairphone open source OS. Since I never used the stock OS, I don’t know if it behaves similar.

For me it looks like a software problem (I hope it is), so does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

Thanks for your help.

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Since you use a self-compiled OS I moved this to #software:dev.

I can confirm this. I don’t have inserted a SIM-Card yet (and didn’t establish a Wi-Fi connection) and this might be related to the issue (as the description of the below mentioned setting says: “Use network-provided time”). However, even if I set

Settings --> Date & time --> Automatic date & time Off

and manually set date and time, it gets reset after reboot, which indeed is confusing.

It’d be nice if someone with the Stock-ROM could try whether it’s the same there after setting up the phone without Wi-Fi connection and without SIM. :wink:

I face the same problem. If a SIM card and/or WLAN connection is available, the clock gets updated after some time.
What I heard from others this problem doesn’t exist with stock firmware.

I checked my dmesg output and got these entries:

1|root@FP2:/data/data # dmesg | grep rtc
<6>[ 4.654128] using rtc device, qpnp_rtc, for alarms
<6>[ 4.657736] qcom,qpnp-rtc qpnp-rtc-f615c800: rtc core: registered qpnp_rtc as rtc0
<6>[ 6.247180] qcom,qpnp-rtc qpnp-rtc-f615c800: setting system clock to 1970-01-28 01:27:12 UTC (2338032)
<6>[ 15.457939] alarm_set_rtc: Failed to set RTC, time will be lost on reboot
<6>[ 61.216623] alarm_set_rtc: Failed to set RTC, time will be lost on reboot

Also hwclock fails to set it:

root@FP2:/data/data # hwclock -w
hwclock: RTC_SET_TIME: Invalid argument

So it seems there is a problem with the RTC.

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Turns out this is a general bug with FP Open OS, not just an issue with a self-compiled OS.

Please continue here: