🇬🇧 🇫🇷 Clock not showing properly/ Affichage des heures incompletes

Bonjour, depuis la dernière update mon FP3 n’affiche plus l’heure correctement sur la barre du haut, il ne m’affiche pas les minutes, mais des points a la place et je doit verrouiller mon téléphone ou ouvrir le menu rapide du téléphone pour avoir l’heure complète (10H… -> 10H05). J’ai essayer de régler le problème via l’application “horloge”, via les paramètres généraux du téléphone, via les réglages du menu rapide qui apparais lorsque qu’on swipe du haut vers le bas.
Je ne comprend pas, si quelqu’un a une solution a ce problème très spécifique je suis intéressé.
Merci de m’avoir lu. Bonne journée.

Hello, since the last update my FP3 no longer displays the time correctly on the top bar, it does not display the minutes, but dots instead and I must lock my phone or open the phone’s quick menu to get the full time (10am … -> 10:05 am). I tried to solve the problem with the “clock” app, with the general parameters of the phone, with the settings of the quick menu which appears when you swipe from top to bottom.
I don’t understand, if anyone has a solution to this very specific problem I’m interested.
Thanks for reading. Have a good day.

Could be related to this bug.

Maybe “10:05 am” takes too much space to be shown - due to the additional space on the left side.

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Thank you very much for your reply! i don’t think it’s linked to this bug; in fact there is no gap but there is my phone service provider’s name before the clock.
There is enough space to the whole clock to show, and the dots replacing min takes more space than 2 numbers (4 dots to replace 2 numbers…)

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