Clock app crashes while starting


since I have the “official” LineageOS build the clock app doesn’t work for me. When I want to start it, I get a white messagebox in the middle of the screen for a very short time. But I can’t read it, there’s not time enough.

How can I repair the app?


The one called “Uhr” in German/“” in the settings > apps > clock info dialog?

I guess you already tried to deactivate and re-activate it?

Hello Ingo,

yes, that’s the app I mean: (Version 5.2 (4457198)).
And now I also tried to deactivate it, restarted the mobile phone and re-activated it. But it’s the same problem: I can’t start it.
Perhaps someone can give me the apk file?


Hello agian,

now I could solve the problem! I cleared all data!



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