Christmas help 😅🤣

hey guys me again, I’ve already posted about this issue I have but I’m here posting again as I really don’t want to have to get a new (second hand) phone because it goes against the whole princeble of the fair phone and I do really like this phone and it’s customizability! I really should have treated it better as my partner always said!! haha :confused: I shall link if I can my original post to what the issues I’m having are but if anyone can help in any way, like for part testing/trying or any information else as I have tried almost everything now and fairy still doesn’t want to call or record audio or play from it’s speakers so I’m currently using it as a ‘fair’ at the moment and not the phone part :rofl: I’m in leeds west Yorkshire if anyone is from around here and is willing to help that would be amazing. I have contacted the email for the fairphone angels, no response yet but I am hopeful :crossed_fingers:

anyways happy Christmas ya’ll

Here is the link to my previous post: Fairphone 3 plus sound, calls, microphone not working

Please reply in the original topic linked above.