Cherry 1.6: Unable to find storage updater

Even if I know that there are many of you having problems with the storafe issue, I couldn’t find a solution for my situation this why I create this new topic…

I have a FP1 using Cherry 1.6, for several days I’m trying to update to Kola Nut 1.8.5. Of course I got the “not enough cache space” message. While I was searching for a solution everyone seemed to refer to the upgrade to the unified storage partition. Unfortunately such a button like “storage upgrader for cherry 1.6” doesn’t exist in my Fairphone Updater App.

Is it true that using the storage upgrader is the only way to get the Kola Nut update? So how can I get this upgrader?

Thank you for your ideas!

AFAIK it is not necessary to install the unified storage for installing 1.8.5.

Does this tutorial answer your question?

Thanks for your answer. However even if the unified storage is not necessary - at the moment I can’t update from 1.6 to 1.8.5.

I’ve also cleared cache and after a reset there are no apps installed on my phone.

To avoid some misunderstandings / check some other things:

  • Did you clear the cache partition from recovery? I’m assuming you did, as you also mention a reset that wiped the apps from your phone - which I assume you triggered from recovery as well.
  • Did you manually repartition your phone at any stage? (Is your internal phone storage larger than 1 Gb [settings > storage]?) There is a known issue with installing updates on custom-partitioned phones.

Oh, good point - I repartitioned my phone several months ago. Maybe that’s the problem. What can I do now?

There’s a lot of information, but scattered, throughout the 1.8.5 update thread here.
There’s a solution to perform a manual upgrade in this post, but there were also some problems with getting google apps working again. I vaguely remember this has since been fixed, but I’m not sure and don’t have time to read up on it now, sorry. I strongly recommend reading up on the thread before trying anything, as a better solution may have been found, or other problems may have been discovered.

If you want to change the partition layout to the ‘regular’ updated layout, then there are some instructions here on how to flash a new binary image. In this case you can use the image binary of the software version and layout that you want to end up with (the 1.8.5 image binary was not available when the post was written). Only flash binary images if you understand what the process does. If you’re unsure, I recommend contacting fairphone support.

Thanks for your answer. I took me some days to read through the topics you mentioned. Unfortunately I still don’t have an idea how to solve this problem. FP support here I come!

Hello Akabanga,

We have indeed removed the 1.6 storage upgrade. During the 1.6 -> 1.8 software update we found many update problems where caused by large files download and problems like the full cache.

As a solution we release the 1.8 release in two steps first a small download of just fixes to the updater app and a second download (after the initial update) offering the real fixes.

For short this means that that you are one of the few people who has problems with the first step of the 1.8 upgrade. The reason is that you modified your partition layout as we found out. Contact support