Charging the FP2 / cable problems

check if the battery is inserted tightly! cause in my case simmilar problems…

Furter check every screw and contact of your phone ( they need to be tight)

May be this will help you. The most issues are caused by bad contacts.

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In my opinion it makes a lot of sense that you need a even higher current capacity of your charger if you have a bad contact on the battery or any where else. I think also the screws who tight the conector of the usb modul could also be loose and cause that there is a very high resistance and therfore a drop of voltage and heat. You are acually heating your enviorentment when you have bad contacts… That’s may be not the goal of chaging your phone ;-).

What that means is that if you do not have good contacts in your whole chain (usb, module contact to the mainboard) you will need more power to be able to charge your phone… So I can not say it enougth:

Check all screws, contacts, and make shoure your battery is thight inside the phone (good contact to the contact pins) and make shure that all contacts are clean. I am very sertain that most problems that people encounter with FP2 are caused by lose screws and bad contacts… Alsow make shure that your usb cable is not wabbeling around. I had a cable who’s quality was very bad and therfore the contact was not good enougth.

Hope this helps!

Same problem here, batterie life is not that good, but since yesterday, I can’t charge my phone properly, it’s just connecting and disconnecting. It had no problems charging from the exact same setup before.

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Same problems as Alice.
It has charged without problems until couple of days ago that connects and disconnects. I’ve tried 5 different cables.
Any solution?

I’m quite disappointed with my fairphone because all the problems (charging, microphone…)

Hey everyone - not sure how helpful this will be, but after replacing the bottom module (my microphone was also not working), the phone is now charging fine. So in some but not all cases it may be that your bottom module is simply not functioning correctly any more, for whatever reason.

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I also have huge problems charging my FP2.

I only have the phone for 1 month and previously I had not any problems charging it with either of my chargers or my computers. I think it started one or two days after the battery was totally uncharged.
Some days before the phone also fell down while being connected with a cable. This could have caused some mechanical stress to the contacts and/or to the whole phone.

When I plug in the charger cable it might start charging. I might be able make it charge by wiggling the cable. But after a while the charging light will go out eventually.
When I remove the battery and try again the phone might go into the endless loop of “Showing the Fairphone logo”, “vibrating”, “Turning off”.
Maybe there is a mechanical problem with the contacts. I tried several cables, chargers and phone positions but it seems to be random. Eventually the charging light will go out without me touching the phone or cable.

When I can get my phone to charge there might be another problem because the phone can get very hot and uncharge the battery. I tried to reset the battery as described here and this seems to have helped. But I had to re-do the resetting quite often. Sometimes it only charges for 5 to 10 minutes before I have to reset it again. The last two days I was able to charge my phone but it took the whole day because of the 1/2 hour waiting time recommended.

This obviously makes my phone unusable so I would be really appreciate some suggestions how to proceed.

Edit: It seems that charging works best when removing all SIM cards and the SD card and charging from the USB port of my computer. But this make the phone even more unusable because I cannot turn it on while charging and it takes longer to charge.
BTW: One of the SIM cards is quite old and I have cut it myself to make it fit. But this wasn’t a problem before and also this card works flawlessly on my other phone.

It could have something to do with your sim-cards.
Where are you living and who is your provider?

Switzerland. Providers are Swisscom and Sunrise.

I just checked my phone again which was charging since my edit which was about 4 hours ago. It is very hot and the battery is only half full. Also I think the charge level did not change in the last half hour. But the charging light was on the whole time and changed from red to white/yellow.

At the moment, no SIM or SD cards are plugged in and the phone is not turned on, so the problem must be somewhere else (also). Why would a phone CPU be so hot when it is only charging the battery?

Edit: Four hours later and the battery is uncharging while the phone is plugged in and although the charge light is on and the charging animation is running. This is just silly. What is my phone doing that it uses more energy then it can draw from the charger?

It’s indeed strange.
Although the charging light is good. A red light for a flat or very flat battery. White/yellow after some charging and it will be green when the battery is full.

Perhaps you could try:
Boot your phone and go to Settings, Battery and hopefully you will get a clue which service is consuming to much energy.

I don’t understand your suggestion. If the phone is turned off, there should be not a single service running or am I missing something.

Yes, if the phone is turned off, there should be not a single service running.
But your phone is behaving very strange.
That’s why made my suggestion.

OK, I will look at it. But I cannot do it right now because I did a complete reset to see if it could be caused by some app or setting.

Sadly the problem still persists. I removed the SIM and SD cards, turned the phone on and connected the charger. The charging light is on and the battery symbol shows that it’s charging and the battery level is 83%. Half an hour later the light is still on, the symbol is still showing that it is charging but the battery level is at 77%. Also the CPU area is very hot.

Edit 18.09.2016: I was able to find two problems. I replaced the bottom module and now I am able to charge my phone again. The other problem was the charger, apparently it stopped working reliably. The phone still is quite hot while charging so I will investigate this further.

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I’ve got a similar problem. I think it’s the connection point, that’s broken. I indeed can charge my phone properly if I take the charging cable and wrap with force around some little box AND the phone - then it charges :open_mouth: But I broke 4 chargers that way until now. (At least I can use my phone sometimes - unfortunately it doesn’t always work).
I wrote to the support 3 weeks ago, but up to now: no answer. :disappointed: (But I should be used to that now: My phone completely broke 3 month ago and it took the support a whole month to answer me… I’m just a patient person and perhaps sometimes glad if nobody calls me :wink: )

Hello everyone,

I´m new in the forum, so hello everybody :slight_smile:
I have my phone since 1st of January. Last week the charging problems occurred.
I experience the same problems as Alice_Lieutier describes. Same charging setup.
While writing this text, my battery dropped from 16% to 10% while plugged in.

Hello there!

I’m getting more and more frustrated with the phone. :confused:

The new problem started like a few days ago, when I plugged my phone into the charger.
It seems (somewhat random kinda) that after a bit of charging the phone just stops charging or even goes to a charging to non-charging loop.

First thing I tried was obviously to test other chargers and other cables, but the problem was still there.
I’ve inspected the USB port on the phone for dirt etc, didn’t see anything in there that would cause a problem. Taking the module out and reinserting it also didn’t make a change.

I’m puzzled… obvious troubleshooting didn’t help me, so I’m asking you if you have any tips or if you noticed similar issues with your phone. I’ll probably open up a support ticket soon, but meh, christmas is around and you all know how it is around that time with support and shipping replacement stuff…

I have also this problem:

You probably have to buy a new bottom module to solve this problem. Unfortunately, they are sold out, and nobody knows, how long.

You Can ask customer service, they Will send you a knew bottiom module (thanks to email conversation with them today).

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I just tried something from what I read on the forums and it seems to work (for now).

I took off the back cover and then plugged in the charging cable and it appears to charge just fine. Makes no sense to me why, but okay. I’ll test that some more to see if that’s just a coincidence.
Could it be that maybe some sensor is misreading temperature with the cover on and then stopping the charging process?
Maybe someone from Fairphone could provide an explanation or such?

I have found that the plug of one of my cables destroyed the bottom module of my phone. I don’t know what exactly is broken but the plug seems to fit tighter than others. I tried the plug on other devices and it is hard to plug in but it charges nevertheless. Anyway, I will not use that cable to charge my phone any longer.
Maybe the socket of the Fairphone is very tight or the contacts are loose?

My FP2 started having problems charging a few days ago. The symptoms were that the LED would blink red when attached to the charger. After a few hours it would turn off. Reattaching to power cable would bring it back to the red-blinking LED state. Rinse, Repeat.
I tried the workaround with removing the battery, attaching the phone to the charger and reattach battery after phone powered on. I even got it to boot this way and charge the battery with the phone powered on. I even managed to fully charge it (once) this way. Unfortunately recharging would not work reliably. Phone would toggle between “charging” and not charging every few minutes and finally settle on non-charging so I would find the battery drained again in the morning. I even ordered a new battery to check if my battery was broken but that one didn’t work any better.

I was getting a new bottom module because of a broken primary microphone anyway. The new bottom module fixed all my charging woes.