Charging stuck at 98%

Hi, my Fairphone does not charge more than 98%. It gets stuck there. It says three minutes more to complete the charge at 98% and an hour later, it still says the same thing. This has happened twice. Any suggestions why this might be?

Note: In order to avoid electronic waste, I borrowed a micro USB cable from my neighbor, which she no longer uses. The adaptor I use is from my iPhone 4 (5V,1A), which I have been using for the last 5 years.

Charger should be fine if it charges at all.
I see to scenarios:

  • The last 10% of Li-Ion batteries normally take much longer to charge than the rest (check e.g. here). --> Wait some more time
  • As your FP2 and its battery is new, you should give them some charge/uncharge cycles until firmware/android can calibrate correctly to this specific batttery and the battery itself get used to be used (informal spoken) :wink:

In general one should not routinely charge above 80/90% since it could decrease battery health in long-term.
More info you can check here.
Cheers, RObert


Hey fellow-fairphoners!

I have had my new FP 2 for some days know and I observed that it does never charge the full 100 %, no matter how long it is connected.
In the beggining it charged up to 97 % and now it sticks with 95 %.

Anyone else with this problem? Some ideas what is the problem here?

Thank you so much,