Charging problems / tilted position in order to charge


It is has been a couple of weeks since the problem started.

If I connect the charger normally to the phone, it does not charge.
In order to achieve the charging modbus, I have to lay the phone on a tilted position and create some tension on the cable, for instance by laying the charging cable (at the side where it is connected to the phone) to a book or to an obejct some cms over the phone.
There might be some loose contact inside the USB connection of the phone.

Has anyone seen that before?
Any spare part i can get in order to repair it?

Thanks! Vicente

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Yes, the USB connector is a known weakness of the FP1. Fairphone only ever offered a full motherboard (120 €) as a spare part (the USB connector is soldered to it), but that is currently unavailable and it is uncertain whether it will be back in stock. However, some repair shops have been able to successfully solder a new USB connector to the main board. You might have to acquire the spare USB connector on your own and provide it to the repair shop though.


Before I forget it: You might want to try a different USB cable and carefully clean the USB connector first before you decide to start the potentially tricky replacement of the USB connector.

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Thanks for that! Different cables don´t even work a bit. But be sure i will clean the USB connector before i start the long trip to the USB connector replacement.

I’m having the same problem, could you maybe post a picture of how you get the phone to charge?

Here you are, Kristine!
Mine only charges if you slightly tilt the USB connector, by “rolling” the cable around the phone and leaning the phone against f.i. a wall.

I have the feeling I have broken 1-2 charging devices while trying, but this is the only position i can charge the phone.

I hope that helps!

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This is just the worst.
How could such a crucial part be connected to the motherboard?
And said motherboard not even be available anymore?
I was able to charge the phone by tilting the cable for awhile.
Now not even that works anymore.
This totally sucks.
Fairephone sounded like a nice idea, but things like this make it a total joke.
(Even more crucial is the fact that they won’t make any more OS updates…
Which is total security nightmare)
It’s too bad that a small company, even with the best intentions, can’t deliver a quality phone, that will last for some years.

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Take your phone to a local repair shop (like one of these) and have them resolder the soldering joints of the usb connector and stop sucking. :wink:

Update is on it’s way:

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I had the same problem and now it does not charge at all anymore. Where do I get this spare connector part?

Nah, just gonna buy a phone that actually works, has spare parts, and does the CRUCIAL (on Android) security updates - on a regular basis! What good is an OS update now, after years of leaving the phone exposed?

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You can get the spare part from Farnell, but unless you are a soldering pro you will not be able to attach it yourself.

See my post above for more.

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Yes I have read that and wanted to try to buy one and then try a repair shop. Our do they normally have a suitable connector?

I would contact the repair shop first. Some repair shops like the ones in Berlin (and probably Zwickau as well) have the connector on stock now.

The one in Vienna uses a generic Samsung USB connector, which works just as well, for example.

Okay thanks everyone. I hope this will work out because I hadn’t planned to get another phone…

Don’t worry, this is standard procedure for many repair shops. It has worked out for me, although I had to take it to my local repair shop three times because they had difficulties. I have a FP1 though, it might be that my USB connector was even more worn than a FP1U’s… :stuck_out_tongue:

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just came back from my repair store and they told be the motherboard has broken! so they can’t replace the connector. now I’m only worried about my data. does anybody here know if the berlin repair stores can save them?? I have already bought a new phone but wanted to repair my FP1 - now I’m not sure if that can be managed at all. this sucks.

Even if your FP is beyond rescue, don’t just throw it away … there are many FP1 owners who would love to buy the display if it’s in good condition.

Depends on how broken the motherboard is. If they’re saying it’s broken around the USB port, but the phone is able to boot, then you could use someone else’s FP1 or a universal charger (examples) to charge the battery, and then copy files over bluetooth or via wifi.
If the board is completely dead, I’m not sure whether there are repair shops that can directly access the memory chips on the board - this could become very tricky (and expensive).


the display has a crack, too, but this would not bother me