Charging problems (after damp environment)

Hello all,

today my FP3+ shut down because of too cold temperature at the battery (at least I think that the screen showed this message before turning off). After a reboot I have several problems with my FP3+.

I cannot hear nor be heard by another caller and when using apps (tested with YouTube, Audible and Spotify) there is no sound.

The service tests for microphone and earphone failed. The service test for speaker was successful. I can also hear the caller when turning on the speaker.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

You say cold but it has to be very cold for the battery to fail, maybe there was damp as well and it has got into the microphones. If you have a hair dryer put it on cold and blow the phone for an hour or so.

Thanks for your response, @amoun.

Yes, I had the phone in the kitchen while cooking. It was quite damp in there.

I do not have an hair dryer, but I keep the phone out of damp rooms for the next few days.

Do you think, @amoun, disassembling the phone and leaving it near a radiator is a good idea?

Warmth isn’t the best thing, it needs an air flow so put it well above the radiator so that the air that reaches it is not very warm. It’s like drying clothes outdoors it’s the wind that does it not the sun so much and you wouldn’t leave your phone in the sun.

Yes disassembling will speed up the drying process.

Kitchens can also have oil fumes in the air which are more difficult to remove :slight_smile:

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After a night in the open, the audio now works properly, but I am not able to charge the phone (tried different charging setups). Is there a way to test what could have been damaged due to the damp environment in regard to charging?

I think the charging port is probably dry as it’s external.

Did you take the phone apart to dry it, if so maybe the reassembly didn’t seat the lower module where the charging connections are.

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