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Hi Guys. It’s the second time i have problems charging my phone in 6 months (bought the FF2 past september).

So this morning, my FF2 went out of battery and went down. I charged it, started to put some music on it while charging and it suddendly turned off. And from this morning impossible to turn it on again.

Last time, i fixed it by taking out the battery and let it cool down for like 30min but this time there’s nothing to do.

I tried to charge it without the battery inside, i get the fairphone/android screen for 1 sec, and then the red light quickly switch on/off and the phone turns off and it repeats so i read it’s normal. Tried to take out the screen as well and but it back : nothing.

The thing is i let it charge, at first the red light switch on and off (its a sign that the battery is totaly empty), then full red, then the phone turns on with the fairphone/android screen, then the charging screen with the blue big battery. And the light stays red instead of going yellow then green even if i let it charge for 2 hours.

If i press the locking button, it vibrates, then i get the fairphone/android screen with the blue circles, and then it turns down again (sometimes it goes till my backscreen shows and i have to enter my simcard NIP but it turns down again until i get to do anything…)

But the light switch from full red to on/off/on/off as soon as i press the locking button to turn it on and thats pretty weird…

Also tried to press lock/+/- for 20sec at least : nothing :frowning:

Is this a battery issue, do i need to get a new one ?

Thanks guys !


Bonjour tout le monde.

Alors voilà ce matin mon téléphone s’éteint car plus de batterie. Je le mets à charger, je l’allume, je mets de la musique dessus, et il s’éteint tout seul au bout de 10min alors que pourtant en charge.

Et depuis impossible à rallumer…

J’avais déjà eu ce problème en janvier (j’ai acheté le natel en septembre) et j’avais réussi à fixer le problème en enlevant la batterie 30min pour la laisser refroidir et en la remettant mais c’est un petit peu différent cette fois.

J’ai essayé de démonter/remonter l’écran sans succès, et j’ai essayé également de charger sans batterie à l’intérieur ça joue : l’écran fairphone/android s’allume brièvement, ensuite la lumière rouge clignote une fois, il s’éteint, et ça recommence donc pas un problème de port de chargement.

Du coup quand je le charge, premièrement la lumière rouge clignote, signe que la batterie est complètement déchargée, puis elle passe au rouge fixe, puis le natel s’allume avec l’écran fairphone/android, puis j’ai le fond d’écran avec la batterie en gros en bleu où on la voit qui charge au fur et à mesure.

Et là même si je laisse le téléphone en charge 3 heures, la lumière ne passe jamais au jaune ni au vert, signe qu’il charge correctement. Et si j’essaye de l’allumer en enfonçant la touche de verrouillage longtemps, il vibre, il s’allume, j’ai l’écran fairphone/android avec les ronds bleus et il se re-éteint de nouveau. Parfois j’arrive à mon fond d’écran et il me demande de rentrer mon PIN SIM mais j’ai pas le temps de le faire qu’il s’éteint encore.

Et chose bizarre : à partir du moment ou j’appuie sur le bouton de verrouillage pour l’allumer, la lumière rouge passe de fixe à clignotante de nouveau.

J’ai aussi essayé la manip d’appuyer 20sec sur : verouiller, + et - volume en même temps mais rien à faire.

Vous pensez que ça vient plutôt de la batterie ?

Merci belle soirée !

Hi, try cleaning all battery contacts and please if not yet already done read the #batteryguide, maybe it helps with your issue.

Hi Patrik1 and Guillaumee, I have exactly the same symptoms ! My phone suddenly stopped to charge and have the same behavior as yours. Have you solved your problem and how ?
I cleaned the battery contacts on the phone and on both my batteries and it is still not working. Moreover, I tried with several different charging cables, all of them working on other objects, it did not change anything.
I am thinking of contacting the Support service but I have not made a back up yet and so, since my phone cannot be turned on, I do not know how to get the data on it before. I have looked on this wiki : ✏ Backup Tools for FP OS but all of them need the phone to be turned on, any idea ?
Another solution may be to buy a new bottom module but I do not any any to test if it will solve my problem and if it comes from the top of the battery slot, there is not module available to change, right ?
Have a good day !

I think in your case also the #fairphoneangels can help by providing (spare) parts (charged battery) to at least fire up the phone and backup all data.
This way they can check whether it’s the battery, the bottom module or something else being the culprit of your troubles so you know what part to maybe order and with some luck not having to send the phone to the support (unless it is still covered by warranty of course).

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Thank you for this answer Patrick, I was not aware such Heavens existed. I discovered there is one in the city I live in, that’s really cool ! I contacted them and hope for a quick answer ^^ Since everything is still covered by warrantly, I also contacted the support through the troubleshooting process and I guess I have to wait until next wext or later for an answer.

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Well i figured out this problem happens when your battery is completely empty and doesn’t have enough energy to start charging again.

The best way is to take the battery out of your phone and let it get cooler by putting it in the fridge for like 30 min (no kidding i swear hahaha)

Then, plug your phone to the charger without the battery inside. You should get the blue fairphone screen, the red light quickly, and a brief vibration. Let this happen several times and then put back the battery (without disconnecting the charger) : it’s supposed to give your battery kind of a “boost”. Then you should get the charging screen. Don’t try to turn on the phone and if it worked, the red light should turn yellow and eventually green.

When it happens to me that’s what i do and it works. The time i wrote this topic, my battery was like really dead so i just ordered a new one on the website though…

And good idea to borrow a battery from someone else to see if it’s a battery or a bottom module problem !

But i think it’s coming from the battery…

Feel free to ask me if you have more questions !


Plus, if you plug the charging cable to your phone without the battery inside and the phone turns on with the fairphone screen, it means your bottom module is okay and it’s definitly a battery issue.

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