Charging problem : I need to remove battery to charge again


Since a while, I often have problems to charge my FP1.
I need to switch off, remove the battery and re-plug it, and finally, after a restart, my FP1 can charge again.

During the day, if I unplugged the cable and re-plugged it, it will charging again.
But you can be sure than on the 48 next hours the charge will stop again !

Is someone already see this behaviour ?

How old is your battery?

It’s the original one, so it’s has 2,5 years old…
And I can’t buy a new one because it’s out of stock :frowning:

No, it’s not:

I can’t assure you, however, that a new battery will solve your issue. It is just a guess!

Also check the charging port for dust. In my own experience (your mileage may vary), removing the (compacted) dust and fluff from the connector reduced the occurrence of the problem. I used a sowing needle as compressed air wasn’t doing the trick; be careful not to damage anything if you try this.
The problem completely disappeared when I bought a new a battery, but the cleaning already significantly improved matters.

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I have the same problem in my phone battery although i bought new one also . please suggest measures…

Damned ! I just bought a new battery to try to solve the problem !
I will keep in touch !

I received my new battery and my charging problem is solved ! :+1: