Charging my fairphone 3... Only getting .1 amp

Hey folks :pray:

Months ago I ran over my fairphone 3 with my tractor :see_no_evil:

I bought and replaced the screen. Happy days!

Now it won’t charge properly :triumph:

I brought it to a good phone mechanic/technician. He checked the power input and says it’s only getting .1 amp when it should be getting 1amp :thinking:

Reckons it’s the chip :thinking:

Would anyone know what replacement part would have the chip in it?

Thanks :pray:

Could you give more info, a) how long does it take b) do you have a screen notification that it is Charging Slowly (xhr ym)
I’d be surprised if it would ever do 1A for any length of time. and charge a 3Ah battery in 3hours++ with screen, wifi and bluetooth off etc and no background apps running

Yes the phone says it charging slowly.
I have sometimes got it charged fully. I’m not sure how long but the phone is on charge now and not going above 9%

There’s a lot of inconsistency in the charging rate and as you have crushed your phone with a tractor that adds to the issue of module contacts etc. Do you have a fully wired IF usbC cable?

I think the charging chip is either on the bottom module or on the core module. It seems unlikely to me that it’s on the bottom module, since the latter probably just contains the USB-C connector, so it’s probably located somewhere on the motherboard. You can check step 10 of the Fairphone 3 teardown, there are two PMIC (Power Management Integrated circuit) according to iFixit.
That means you’ll probably need a new motherboard. The only way to get one is sending your phone in for repair, see the price list here:

In any case, I advise you to #contactsupport to ask them where the charging chip is located and have an official answer, and to handle your repair request if you want so (though you can expect at least around two weeks of waiting time, support is currently quite overwhelmed by the number of requests). Also, I’m not 100% sure of what I said, I did some guesswork here.