Charging, lighting on and stop

Hi everyone,
Last night i used all my fairphone battery and it stopped. I try to charge it this morning and it won’t charge. I explain : i connect the charger, the fairphone seem to light on, and it doesn’t, it show that it need to be charge because it’s lower than 2% and then it light on again and stop , and again and again. I tried 3 different charger and on my computer and it happen the same.
Did you have the same problem with your FP3+, or do I need to change it with the guaranty ?
Thank !

Hi @Vig81 Welcome to the forum

If a battery goes very low it can trigger an extremely slow charge rate.

My suggestion is to remove the battery for a minute, check the voltage if you can and you could post the info hear.

Replace the battery and leave on charge for quite some hours before attempting to turn the phone on. Do not be in a hurry. Not being able to use the phone can be really frustrating but if you attempt to use the warranty you will be asked to do the above and a number of other tests.

However it’s always worth informing Fairphone of the problem and what you are doing to mitigate so they are prepared for a return if you cannot solve the issue.

All the best

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