Charging issue FP3


My Fairphone just arrived today. After I set it up, i plugged it in to charge it, but it won’t reach 100%. It stays at 99%. I am using a Huawei certified quick charger from my old phone (Huawei mate 20 lite). It has a 2A output at 9V. I can’t understand what’s the problem.

Presumably you can find Huawei quick charger listed in this Qualcomm resource?

I get a similar result using Sony Quick charger incidentally.

I think it just takes a very long time to max out battery capacity to 100% (I experienced the same). A Li-Ion battery like’s the FP3’s charges best and quickest in the two middle quarters (between appr. 25 and 75%). It slows down a lot, probably deliberately when you charge it beyond 80-90% in order to reduce stress on the battery (it’s tougher on the battery to charge it to the max). Letting it run all dry (0%) is even worse for the battery’s life expectancy.

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Either that, or there could be some battery drain.
It doesn’t need to drain dramatically, in my experience a few % drain per hour when idle will do to prevent the charge from reaching 100%.
Might depend on charger and cable, too.