Charger in Leeds. Borrow or buy

Hi. Is there a fairphone angel in Leeds UK? If so how do I contact them pls. My main issue is that I need a charger that I can physically buy or borrow today.

Why not buy any charger with USB-C connector (if you have FP3 or FP4) in the shop and use that?


See “Charger and cable specifications” here:

Just to note, here is the Angel map/list #fairphoneangels
and a comment: Fairphone Angels normally dont have a stock of FP spare parts to sell…

Yeh I get that but I thought they’d know where in Leeds sells the right charger. Thanks though.


There is an angel up north and it has been suggested you can buy any ‘decent’ USB C charger. That is one that will charge using the QC3 protocol or the PPS

A quick charge using such can get you up and running quickly.

All that assumes the bottom module is working and that you don’t want top charge the battery independently of the phone.

Thanks I think that’s what I’ll do. Just need to find a shop in Leeds.

Sorted now. Thanks for the advice!

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