"Charger" for Indoor / home use


i’ m using my Thinkpad adapter to charge my phones from time to time.

Works stellar and very reliable. I use Thinkpads alot this kind of adapters last forever.

I have a Thinkpad Carbon 6th gen (bought used, best money I’ve spent) and I’ve just noticed the adapter works in 5V/2A mode as well (I thought laptop adapters only gave a voltage of 12V). When I first read you were using it to charge your phone, I almost had a heart attack.

It’s 9V/2A too. Does it trigger the fast charge mode?

The adapter supports PW

  • Pixel 3a / Pixel 4 charge (very) fast
  • Fairphone shows charging fast (takes a little longer)

X1C is a stellar notebook :heart_eyes:

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