⚠ Charger broke apart ⚠


I recently bought a new Fairphone and official charger.
At first use the charger broke apart when plugging it out and the power connector was still left in the outlet (see photo). This is extremely dangerous as you can now touch the mains power. The power connector is also badly designed as this could be prevented by switching the male and female connector inside of the charger (see photo). Then you wouldn’t be able to actually touch the power if the charger broke apart.
I bought the power supply at 9/28/2020 so take care and check if your power supply is loose or something. DO NOT DO WHAT I DID ON THE PICTURE!!! Get somebody professional if this actually happens to you and turn off the fuse immediately.
My son has the same charger but bought it earlier and it seems completely fine.

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This is absolutely not normal. Did you #contactsupport?

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Welcome Hartmut.

Wow that is terrible.
I have seen another charger brand break apart. That failure type was a bit less dangerous as the circuit board had springs reaching down into the mains connector so the powered part did not protrude as much, but still possibly lethal for some people.

Manufacturer ought to be very eager to receive that charger for analysis.
So do not try to glue it together or anything.


Yes, I did contact support.