Changing volume on earbuds moves their right/left balance


I’m using the fairphone earbuds with my Fairphone 3, and they work fine!

However, when I’m using them with my 2018 MacBook Pro, I get a small issue : when I’m changing the volume, the right/left balance is also moving (see following screenshot).

My MacBook has a touchbar, I don’t know if that can be a source of problem. I’m currently running macOS Monterey 12.3.1.

Let me know if you need more informations! It’s not a big problem, I can easily place the cursor back in the center, but I think it’s important you know about this issue.


Welcome to this forum!

Who are you addressing with “you”? If other users then it’s all fine.
If you want to address Fairphone staff it’s better to #contactsupport as this is a community forum.


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