Changing the Sound for sleep reminder

Within the clock you can activate a sleeping time period. You can specify a sound as a reminder to go to bed. But there is a (enerving) predefined sound, which will not change whichever alternative sound I choose. How can I change it?
FP 3+, Android 11

Go to the app Settings
Go to Sound
Go to Advanced
There you can find Default alarm sound, tap on it to choose another sound.


Tried this already. This default alarm is for wake up calls. It’s very different from the sleeptime sound, and it’s changeable. The sleeptime sound is none of the sounds in the internal sound list.
Any other idea?

Could it be that the sleeping sound is the same as the Default Notification Sound?
This one is set in the app Settings, Sound, Advanced

Unfortunately not, that one is also very different, and also changeable.

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