Changing email address for Fairphone

Does anyone know how I can change my email address used for Fairphone? My contact info lets me change my password but not email address. Thank you.

go to and login.
Now click “My Account” -> “Account Information” -> here we are !
Good luck !


Thank you Milo.

I tried that already, there is no option to change the email address.


Do you mean an account for the main Fairphone site, or something else? The main site has an option to change account information where @Milo.E indicated (here, if you’re logged in). It looks like this (though yours should have values filled in - I’ve removed them here):


Thank you Johannes, sorry to be so slow to look at this again. Yes I found that screen but it does not allow one to change email address, only to change password. If I tried to log in with my new password Fairphone understandably does not recognise it.

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Strange, I just put a new e-mail address in on my account, filled in my current password for the shop and hit save. I got an e-mail confirmation that my address had been changed almost instantly. I’ve logged out, and logged in using the new address without any issues. If it isn’t working for you, I suggest asking Fairphone support whether they can change it.


Hi Johannes,

Thank you. I just tried it, yes this works. The web page did not invite change of email address so it didn’t occur to me that was the way to update my account.

Thanks again.

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