Changelog for blob (and other source)

Hi FP-dev’s,

I just realized that there is a new version of the binary blobs online. I couldn’t find any changelog for the blob. Could you maybe add a short changelog to the download page explaining what was changed (e.g. which bugs were solved). I believe that would help the community quite a lot in building and supporting the FP OPen Source OS.
Note: I obviously don’t ask for a diff of the source code as you probably cannot and for sure must not publish something like that. Some explanation why/what was changed on a higher level would probably still help.

Thanks for your work!

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I assume they have just added:

to vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/system/lib

Might be. :slight_smile: To keep the wiki article on how to build up to date it would be nice to know what they did.

You better download both and run checksums on all files. :wink: I’m fine with a simple recursive diff.

(I assume that) not a single bin blob has changed. They don’t change that often … that is one of their many issues :slightly_smiling:

I was too lazy yesterday, so I only used diff. Here is the same, but with checksums this time.

+2de6558d8b93bfd1e98f9e81a983c9730859a4c467944050dd78f8bf81b861b4  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/system/lib/
+ebf01d9aeae86f445fc6e7b04f0c46b0723424e545934ef1867720bb90735477  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/system/lib/
+1d1c27068c41062c29e5a2679d547cc97af611e942fdb6b5ad54069ad2708fc8  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/system/lib/
+df31d9aa9bcc1a3d124c79698e2e02ff8e65af4126d6a76eb2fb23d4737a9e09  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/system/lib/

Maybe @keesj or @anon41484458 can shed some light on this…
(Little reminder that this is a community forum.)


I will try to answer some of the questions here:
-First of all for the 2.0.1 version of the blobs their main goals was to fix the compilation issues found when building userdebug builds

-Secondly: the process of creating the blobs is a semi automated process. every release should have a new set of blobs (hence we can’t really say what changes are in the blobs but rather if you use version x of the source code -> use the same version of the blobs.)

-We will start posting (small) news items on to list the changes and updates done on the website and code.

As for the list of changes: we gather the list of changes for the releases (a new binary release will result in a new changelog).If you really want to know the differences… it is best to dive into the source!


We will start posting (small) news items on to list the changes and updates done on the website and code.

Woohoo, very appreciated! Is also the place to anxiously wait for the FPOSOS release (schedule), or will there be a newsletter/blogpost/forum post?

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I ran diff on the two folders, here are the differences :

vendor/qcom/opensource is in part of fp2-sibon and vendor/qcom/build is created by the build system. So they actually only added the .so (which are the same as the once we copied in before, modulo the vendor dir).

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Okay, I edit

I’m a bit confused because I tested both blobs versions and only 2.0.1 worked, while with 2.0.0 my FP got stuck at FP-logo after flashing. However, I did copy around the libs as described in the wiki and my impression (see the remark in this post) is that the libs were not the reason for my problems.

Maybe this is related to keesj’s remark above, i.e. the release code I had was somehow not “compatible” to the blobs version? Just a shot in the wild …

Checksums are possible and cheap why is nobody just checking it? :slightly_smiling:

This time, the new blob (as far as I can see it …) comes with the same old files. They just moved the four libs from libs dir to the system dir.

Just compare the last 4 lines with the old 4 libs on top. @tphysm I have not clue why one build works for you and the other doesn’t. But once the files are copied into the target system folder it should work the same.

NEW-BLOB/checksums-new.txt:ebf01d9aeae86f445fc6e7b04f0c46b0723424e545934ef1867720bb90735477  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/lib/
OLD-BLOB/checksums-old.txt:ebf01d9aeae86f445fc6e7b04f0c46b0723424e545934ef1867720bb90735477  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/lib/
NEW-BLOB/checksums-new.txt:df31d9aa9bcc1a3d124c79698e2e02ff8e65af4126d6a76eb2fb23d4737a9e09  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/lib/
OLD-BLOB/checksums-old.txt:df31d9aa9bcc1a3d124c79698e2e02ff8e65af4126d6a76eb2fb23d4737a9e09  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/lib/
NEW-BLOB/checksums-new.txt:2de6558d8b93bfd1e98f9e81a983c9730859a4c467944050dd78f8bf81b861b4  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/lib/
OLD-BLOB/checksums-old.txt:2de6558d8b93bfd1e98f9e81a983c9730859a4c467944050dd78f8bf81b861b4  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/lib/
NEW-BLOB/checksums-new.txt:1d1c27068c41062c29e5a2679d547cc97af611e942fdb6b5ad54069ad2708fc8  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/lib/
OLD-BLOB/checksums-old.txt:1d1c27068c41062c29e5a2679d547cc97af611e942fdb6b5ad54069ad2708fc8  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/lib/
NEW-BLOB/checksums-new.txt:b81520f214d4b7df8242226897cc17472510dbd2dbd513082ff02c74bf8d942f  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libart-compiler_intermediates/LINKED/
OLD-BLOB/checksums-old.txt:b81520f214d4b7df8242226897cc17472510dbd2dbd513082ff02c74bf8d942f  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libart-compiler_intermediates/LINKED/
NEW-BLOB/checksums-new.txt:bb78fd8b6a3c5f3a4f8d7601eae8f78e2d9091ed326dc2f8d9c9764ce64fd5b5  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libartd-compiler_intermediates/LINKED/
OLD-BLOB/checksums-old.txt:bb78fd8b6a3c5f3a4f8d7601eae8f78e2d9091ed326dc2f8d9c9764ce64fd5b5  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libartd-compiler_intermediates/LINKED/
NEW-BLOB/checksums-new.txt:c7f5a7810a34d0af5941e8d18eb122ff97372546646038ca214eec2d7c689133  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libartd_intermediates/LINKED/
OLD-BLOB/checksums-old.txt:c7f5a7810a34d0af5941e8d18eb122ff97372546646038ca214eec2d7c689133  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libartd_intermediates/LINKED/
NEW-BLOB/checksums-new.txt:8cabea1ab23af5abbd496d5927b56330fdf05f1e741ebc322119c958d1555f24  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libart_intermediates/LINKED/
OLD-BLOB/checksums-old.txt:8cabea1ab23af5abbd496d5927b56330fdf05f1e741ebc322119c958d1555f24  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libart_intermediates/LINKED/
NEW-BLOB/checksums-new.txt:ebf01d9aeae86f445fc6e7b04f0c46b0723424e545934ef1867720bb90735477  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/system/lib/
NEW-BLOB/checksums-new.txt:df31d9aa9bcc1a3d124c79698e2e02ff8e65af4126d6a76eb2fb23d4737a9e09  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/system/lib/
NEW-BLOB/checksums-new.txt:2de6558d8b93bfd1e98f9e81a983c9730859a4c467944050dd78f8bf81b861b4  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/system/lib/
NEW-BLOB/checksums-new.txt:1d1c27068c41062c29e5a2679d547cc97af611e942fdb6b5ad54069ad2708fc8  ./vendor/qcom/proprietary/target/product/FP2/system/lib/

In the making of the CyanogenMod port (WIP) and blob-free builds, I made a script to download, extract and track changes (with git) for the FP2 blobs, if someone is still interested:

Setup (Linux/Mac/Unix):

git clone fp2-blobs-downloader
cd fp2-blobs-downloader

You can then list the differences (including checksums, @fp1_wo_sw_updates, ;)) with command-line git or some git graphical frontend you find by yourselves

Disclaimer: I have a private git repo hosted in GitLab with all the updates commited, but I can’t share it because of the license agreement (they are proprietary blobs, after all!).
If you do likewise, don’t share it. I don’t take any responsibility for anyone breaking the license agreement they’ve accepted by running my automated script.