Change phone resolution to 16:9 - e.g. for screen sharing

My problem is that my Samsung TV is 16:9 (4k) but the FP4 is 16:10 (WHQD?)
So when transfer the screen from phone to tv (screen share, wireless (WiDi)) the TV shows black borders at top and bottom - I understood why it happens but I wan’t to it :wink:

I have no possiblilty to control it on the TV side because all “picture”-options in menu are blocked while in screen sharing mode.

So I wan’t the phone in best case to automatically adjust itself to 16:9 when transferring the screen (this is what happens on all other android phones ever used this feature samsung) or to do it manually and then try to automate it with tasker…

But at “screen” there is no option to change the resolution to FHD. How to change it?

No I can’t root my device. And no it is no option to change it permanently or on demand with ADB shell… And also no, I don’t wan’t to buy another TV! oO

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