Change options after FPOOS update to android 9

Upon updating FPOOS on FP2 to Android 9, you get two options:

  • one is related to OpenGL
  • I don’t recall the other.

I activated these options, which was more experimental than leaving them off, and now my phone regularly reboots or freezes. So I want to try turning them off again. Where do I find them in the settings though?

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On FPOS it’s in Settings->System->Maintenance-> Enhanced hardware features


Exactly the same problem here, and it really was impossible to find those options again!

Even when you search settings for words in their description (“hardware”, “acceleration”), they don’t show up — and the “Enhanced hardware features” menu entry containing them seems to be broken: you can’t get back out of it by pressing the back arrow in the top left corner…

Have things improved since you turned them off? I’m just trying hat now myself…

… having just checked, I’m still getting crashes (browser lockup among other things), though no reboots so far.

I’ve logged a bug report.

No more complete freezes, but sudden reboots or “light” freezes where I have to lock and unlock are still happening.

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