Change of colours

The colours of my screen are changed (les colours) and I can not find to change it backl=.

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Have a look into your wallpaper settings:
Instellingen > Achtergrond > Achtergrond en stijl > Achtergrondkleuren / Basiskleuren

Does not work. The colours of the apps have also chanced in some gray.

Might be Accessibility settings then.

I guess under wallpaper you have enabled this “beta Symboldesigns”?

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Thank you for reply, but I can’t find anything about Symboldesigns. The problem is in mij wife’s IP4 but I have 5 and there I cant find it either. Greetings, Arie

Hello, in English it’s called themed icons and you will find it under wallpaper and style setting


Do you have color correction on?

Thans, but it does not work.

Was it off already? Then I didn’t know what to do. Sorry.

so did you disable themed icons, because normally that is what causes this view of app icons

Mine is light blue

Because thats the colour scheme I selected based on my lock screen wallpaper

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How did you disable the themed icons?

Somehow I did it and now it’s okay. Thanks for your help.