Change my ringtones on F2

I have placed my own ringtones in: /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones both ogg and mp3 files.

But these files are not picked up by the F2 ringtone selector.

Now the F2 ring tones are located here: /system/media/audio/ringtones but as the phones is locked I cannot copy the files into this directory.

What is the mystical method to change my ringtone?
After all, this is really simple on any other phone.

When you enter “Settings” in the “Device”-section you will find “Sound & notification”.
There you can select/change the "Phone ringtone"
Selecting this option, you should be asked:
Complete action using Amaze” having the options “Just once” and “Always”.

Amaze is a filemanger, that allows to choose where the ringtone is stored.
In the top-left corner you find a symbol, that will open a menu (from the left), where the SD-card is available (a combination of letters and numbers like “AE9B-2AE3”).
Selecting this option takes you to the file system of your SD-card and you can navigate to your ringtone directory.

Btw. your question gives the same directories for the system ringtones and your private ones.

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Thanks for that.
I had to install Amaze because I removed it as it was crashing all the time.
It now is possible to use other ringtones . . . but it should be done from the Media Storage App - but that’s just my opinion.

Which I happen to share. :smiley:

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