Change MAC address?

Hi folks,

Got two fairphones V1 at home 5friend is visiting°, and just realized that both phones have the same MAC address, so we cannot both connect on to the WiFi together.

I thus want to change my MAC address to be able to connect. Foud a couple of apps on the Google app store but unsure if they really work/if they’re safe.

Would you guys know how to do this? I’m ready to do it by hand but I have no idea of where the MAC address could be stored!

Thanks in advance,

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How crazy is that! :slight_smile: I hope you find a solution soon! Typically the mac-address is stored on the network/Wifi card. But since android is based on Linux, it should definitely be possible to modify the mac address, at least temporarily.

Still, that should actually not happen.

Ha, I thought MAC addresses (unlike IP addresses) are unique. Just found out here, that duplicate MAC-addresses can occur due to production errors or self-assignment. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Here you go. This one from XDA-dev-forum should help. Actually you don’t need the app mentioned there, you can just enter Engineer Mode as described in this Wiki entry. Did you get it to work?


Hi thanks for your answers!

Yes it is weird, and now, having followed the tutorial proposed by Stefan, I obtain nothing really interesting… :

NB:Strangely enough he tutorial starts by asking me to turn off WiFi while the engineering mode turns it back on automatically (if it’s off I get an error).

Any other ideas?

The tutorial mentions that you have to turn it off and on again AFTER finishing the before steps.

  1. Have you done so?
  2. Have you tried a reboot?
  3. Have you tried more complicated MAC address? (Maybe 12 times “0” is not a valid MAC address ;))


1.I have done so but no success
2. Tried too!
3. The mac address that I show ISN’ the one I enered, but the MAC address that i supposed to be mine, but which obviously isn’t. (ie the process doesn’t work).

I downloaded CameleMAC app and it works! Wanted to do it manually but can’t be bothered anymore! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys!

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